Last night was the first Poptones, we enjoyed it, if you came down, we hope you enjoyed it too! Onto more pressing matters..this week’s mix.

I’ve been mostly listening to properly insulated electronic stuff recently, so the mix inevitably reflects that. Don’t be too put off though, it’s not some wildly inaccessible stuff, everything on here sounds nice and is generally what good electronic music is about. Well, I’ll let you decide for yourselves.

I missed Shabazz Palaces last night, which was gutting, been following them for a while now and they’ve seriously impressed me, so for that reason I’ve whacked Chuch off ‘Of Light’, the tune bubbles along at about 110BPM with nothing but some awesome tribal chanting and a slick beat and bass to accompany Ishmael Butler’s acerbic rhymes. I put another Liverpool debutant on this mix too, Joey Bada$$, who I ALSO missed, he played on Monday in the Shipping Forecast, all reports saying that gig was also amazing. Check out  his mixtape, 1999, it’s free, he’s bound to be huge (listen to him!).

Electronic mainstays Radiohead, Clark, Sebastien Tellier, Autechre (MY FAVZ), and Flying Lotus are on here too, stuff like this just sounds great played super loud when you’ve no intention of leaving your house – winter is here.

Some other weird stuff, namely Can and Gong. I got into Gong by chance on Spotify the other day, listening to Soft Machine. They’re super mad and drugged up heavy 60s/70s prog rock, which is always amusing, the track is called HEAVY TRACK, suitable. I bought the Can Lost Tapes this week too, opening track Millionspiel is ridiculous, truly, check it out. Will I ever get bored of Can? Probably not. Hope not anyway.